Xbox One Concept 10

Mon, 10/17/2011 - 02:52 -- Nanouk

This concept is an actual Xbox. Do you think Microsoft would use this concept for the Xbox One? Do you like this Xbox One picture? Post your comments below! Seen any better designs we forgot to post? Let us know, contact us.


no way. Looks too bulky and is an eye sore. I'd go with a more sleek look. Clean lines and minimal design would be ideal. This looks like a humidifier or Bose stereo.

This is the most awsome disine i have ever seen the green circle in the center should pop out to put a disk in thought.


How should we put disc in it?...I'm been playing Xbox snice 2002 I think...
But it looks nice :D ...


Hey bring your X!

This is the best concept so far...this should be the next generation of the xbox!!!!

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