Xbox One Concept 11

Mon, 10/17/2011 - 02:57 -- Nanouk

This Xbox One design concept has an interesting look. It seems to have the shape of a desktop computer. Does not seem like it would be 100% accurate, design wise... But it's a good start. I find that some companies usually stick to their current design and make minor modifications/improvements to their systems. What do you think? Is this Xbox One concept a good representation of the Next XBox? Do you like this Xbox One picture? Post your comments below! Seen any better designs we forgot to post? Let us know, contact us.


Best design ever! You really know what your doing. This is definitively the best.

goes anybody no which one will come out first ps4 or xbox 720 ?

that so cool

If it looks like this i will be getting it

forget about xbox its all about ps3 and ps4 yall dont know nothing about grafics

I like this concept, especially when I think of what it will look like when they release a slim version as is tradition. One thing they MUST do is LEAVE THE CONTROLLERS ALONE! The current design is beautiful.

This is nice. Microsoft should totally put this out sooner than 2013 or 2015

there coming out with the xbox 720 this year

Hoping they make it sorta like the 360 but slimmer and faster with no such thing as a red ring

Yes i hope they come up with a disc holder almost like on the playstation where there isnt a tray more of a rubber mouth so the disc is securly in the holder. NO MORE "RING OF DEATH".

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