Xbox One Concept 12

Thu, 12/29/2011 - 23:39 -- Nanouk

It had some upgrades when Microsoft merged with sky-net. by ~jonah365 Do you like this Xbox One picture? Post your comments below! Seen any better designs we forgot to post?

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Thats awesome. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

is that real. ps THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course it's not real, he said so at the top. By the way, SKYNET IS THE TERMINATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That means skynet is in a movie, not real life.)

Isnt that like from the robots from the game Portal 2? =>_>= meow....

Since when did console gamers like cool guns?

That's what I have been waiting for

this is one dam sick Xbox i would totally buy this.

wit the gun it can protect its self from robbers

It doesn't need a machine gun type on that xbox 360 or 720! That looks kind of crazy! LOL!

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