Xbox One Announcement

The New Xbox One Has Arrived!!!

On May 21 the XBOX ONE was finally announced. Watch the full XBox one event coverage below:

May 22nd, 2013 -- The Xbox One Has Arrived! An Overview of Microsoft’s Announcement

Well it’s finally here and confirmed, and now that we’ve had a night to mull over the information presented by Microsoft as to what the next generation Xbox, the Xbox One, will offer us here is our review of the highlights.

The Xbox One
Before Microsoft’s Xbox announcement event rumors suggested everything from the Xbox Infinity to the Xbox 720 to just Xbox as a name for this new console. Aside from suggesting that the Microsoft team might have some issues when it comes to counting, the Xbox One is a name that’s intended to suggest this is the rebirth of the Xbox console, a console that is now more than just a gaming machine but an entire entertainment center.

Xbox One AnnouncementHardware
But what will this entertainment center actually offer us? The hardware specification of the console was released at the event and it includes:

The specification looks similar to what we expected from the Xbox One, and although Microsoft didn’t give us intimate details about the exact model of processor it looks likely that the technology will be from AMD, just like the PlayStation 4.

Unlike the PS4 announcement earlier this year, Microsoft did reveal the console to us right at the start of the short event. The new design is clean and classic, and shouldn’t have too much trouble fitting into anyone’s home. Kinect will be included as standard, although it’s not built into the console itself but still a separate unit. The controller for the Xbox was also revealed and doesn’t differ greatly from the current Xbox 360 controller. There is no touch pad to match the PS4’s controller, and the layout is the same as we’re used to.

We definitely expected that the Kinect would be bundled with the console from now on, and Microsoft seemed determined to justify this decision within their demonstration by showing off the impressive speech recognition of the technology. In the demonstration a user was able to jump seamlessly between television, gameplay and the internet with simple voice commands, and could even turn on the Xbox with a simple ‘Xbox on’ instruction.

The Kinect’s camera is now HD which should make it easier for motion to be accurately detected. There’s even a boast that the camera will be able to monitor your heart-rate when using the system for exercise.

Another addition to the Xbox One that the Kinect allows is the inclusion of Skype. As Microsoft now owns the Skype business it’s not surprising that it’s been incorporated into this new console, and it could certainly be useful to have the ability to make calls from the comfort of your couch.

All Round Entertainment
Strangely enough, despite this being the reveal of a new games console, the vast majority of the focus of the event was directed at the Xbox One being more of an all-round entertainment machine. From watching television through your console, to playing Blu-Ray movies, to running multiple programs at the same time; it’s all doable through this console, and all controllable with your voice.

The response times in jumping between the different activities were very impressive in this demonstration, and if browsing the internet whilst you watch a movie is your cup of tea then you’ll be very pleased by this ability to multitask.

The Games
As the presentation drew on we did wonder if we’d be shown any games at all, but we weren’t to be disappointed. A representative from EA Sports was the first to take the stage, showing off snippets of new titles Fifa 14, Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14 and a new UFC game. Forza 5 was the next game to make an appearance, with graphics looking as beautiful as you’d expect. Activision was also present to give us a sneak preview of the next Call of Duty game, Ghosts, and the new Xbox exclusive title, Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind Alan Wake, was also revealed.

Ubisoft was conspicuously absent from the presentation, but in a separate announcement following the launch they revealed that both Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag would be ready for Xbox One.

Release Date
Microsoft didn’t provide us with a specific release date for the Xbox One, but they did say that the console will be released this year, more information than Sony provided us at their PS4 announcement. We expect that a proper release date will be unveiled at E3 in a few weeks, but it still looks likely that the Xbox One could be coming to a store near you in November, 2013.

Update by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 05/22/2013

May 21st, 2013 -- Xbox One Specs
• Cloud powered
• All-in-one system
• Kinect -- redesigned
• Xbox on
• Instant switching
• Snap mode
• 8 GB RAM. Blu-ray drive. 500 GB HDD
• Controller -- new D-pad and redesigned
• New Xbox Live -- More personal and intelligent

May 21st, 2013 -- Xbox One Release Date
Mattrick said the Xbox 1 release date will be "around the world later this year"..

May 21st, 2013 -- Xbox One Games
Xbox has announced Forza Motorsport 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Quantum Break, Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, EA Sports UFC, and FIFA 14 for the Xbox One. Bonnie Ross announces a live-action Halo TV series, created in partnership by 343 Industries and Steven Spielberg.

Xbox OneMay 21st, 2013 -- Xbox One Name Of New Xbox!
Microsoft's next console is the Xbox One.

The "Next Xbox Reveal" is underway and Microsoft has confirmed that the name of their next console is the "Xbox One". The console was revealed by Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft's Interactive Division, as the "ultimate home entertainment system".

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Im not interrested till theres some good games announced. Waiting for Halo 5.

Finally my present for 2013 reveals itself. Hoping the games are epic. Anyone know what games will be on this thing?

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