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The Xbox One will launch this holiday season with a plethora of console and controller accessories from both Microsoft and third party developers. In addition to the bundled Kinect, which has advanced to the point (according to Microsoft) where it can be used for cross-game and in-game chat options, owners of the eighth generation console can expect to find traditional headsets, controller recharge kits, speakers, and even arcade sticks available for purchase.

Aside from the newly redesigned wireless Xbox One controller, popular names in audio and gaming equipment like Turtle Beach and Mad Catz have already shown off their prototype accessories. Microsoft has also confirmed there will be proprietary devices for the Xbox One in the future depending on whether they add additional expansion ports onto the controller.

Currently, the data transfer speeds between the console and controller are too high for current generation devices so there won’t be any backwards compatibility. However, you can check out this list of continually updated Xbox One accessories to help you decide what to buy.

Xbox One Headsets
Xbox One Headset & AccessoriesThere are currently four headsets in development for the eighth generation console that are capable of matching the higher data transfer speeds required for functionality. Since the launch edition of the Xbox One does not come with a headset, owners are going to have to spend a little more money if they want to troll online and actually be heard. Of course, you could also just use the chat and voice options available on the Kinect, but nothing beats a decent headset for those times when you need whisper your sexual domination of someone’s mother.

Microsoft has the Xbox One chat headset, which essentially looks and feels much like the previous console’s headset with the added bonus of buying it again. Although this may change in the future, Xbox 360 headsets and accessories will not work on the new console. Even though the headsets look pretty much identical to one another, if there is a 3, a 6, or a 0 anywhere on that device, you’re not going to get connectivity. The only difference worth mentioning for the Xbox One headset is that the volume and mute buttons have been moved all the way down the wire so that it attaches snuggly to your controller. If you ever need to adjust the volume or mute those 12-year-olds, you can locate them on your controller.

Turtle Beach is coming out with two headsets for the Xbox One launch: the Ear Force XO SEVEN and the Ear Force XO FOUR. Essentially both headsets feature the same crisp sound quality and heightened voice quality over the internet with the only difference being price. Both have cinematic surround sound and noise cancelling tech so players won’t hear their mothers when playing in her basement. The Ear Force XO SEVEN also comes with memory foam cushioning on the pads. If owners are looking for added versatility, you can also swap out of the connectors on these Turtle Beach headsets to attach to mobile devices like phones and possibly sex toys.

Polk is another audio manufacturer that has developed a gaming headset for the Xbox One. The 4 Shot is an ergonomically designed headband with two puffy ear buds and a retractable microphone that can be neatly tucked away when not in use. When the microphone is not in use, simply moving it away from a player’s mouth will turn it off. The 4 Shot also comes with options for music, television, and cinematic quality experiences in addition to gaming hence the name. This versatility will make the headset, according to Polk, the only one any respectable gamer will need to enjoy games and everything else offered by the Xbox One.

Xbox One Recharge Kit
The Xbox One will have a controller recharge kit available for purchase either on its own or bundled with a controller. The rechargeable lithium battery will fully power in less than four hours and can be charged while playing or when the console is in standby mode. This essentially replaces the need for batteries as two battery packs—one inside the controller and another charging through a USB port—can be swapped almost instantaneously for uninterrupted gameplay. Although this technology was carried over from the newer Xbox 360 battery packs, only these proprietary devices will work on the Xbox One.

Xbox One Devices
Polk is also developing a surround sound audio stick if you’re someone who doesn’t like headsets and prefers to fill your entire living room with gunshots and people complaining about how shit you are at shooting. The Polk N1 SurroundBar will bring the boom to whatever the hell you’re using the Xbox One for and this includes movies and television. There are currently four featured modes for the device: Racer, FPS, Music, and Cinema. They all presumably change the experience to maximize on the feel of what you’re doing. For example, the FPS setting will probably provide enhanced directional sounds and footsteps to help you sense incoming danger. The music option will probably drop the bass ‘cause music be always dropping the bass.

Lastly, we have the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 (damn that is a long name) for the Xbox One, which will presumably be a hot ticket item once there is a competitive fighting game on the market (no Killer Instinct that does not mean you). Developed with input from the fighting game community, this arcade stick has limitless customization options when it comes to configurations and if previous ingenuity holds up, you can even adjust the precision underneath if you know what you’re doing.

Come to Play
This list represents what will be available for purchase on launch day when you go and pick up your Xbox One. Aside from additional controllers and possibly third party skins, these are the options you’ll get to choose from. Wisdom would suggest waiting on new tech improvements and familiarity with the Xbox One before making a purchase, especially when it comes to headsets.

Since the old Xbox 360 headsets and pretty much every single headset on the market currently will not be compatible with the new console, it might be better to wait a few months to see what other offerings are available. This is not to suggest Turtle Beach or Polk are horrible manufacturers, but simply their expertise comes at a price.

Article by - Collin Mak
Insert Date: 06/29/2013

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