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For those of us who have been avid Xbox 360 gamers since the consoles birth in 2005, one of the main concerns regarding the Xbox One reveal was what would happen with our beloved Gamerscore. Many gamers have spent days, weeks, months and even years trying to 100% our games (with some exceptions – I’m looking at you Avatar). The thought of losing our 5 and 6 figure scores was enough to seriously worry a number of hardcore gamers.

To some, a Gamerscore is a status symbol. It’s a badge of honor, to wear and show off with pride.

To others it’s just a fun extra for games, but to each their own.

360 owners everywhere sighed a collective chorus of relief when Microsoft announced that not only would your Gamertag switch over to the Xbox One, but your Gamerscore would follow alongside it. Once the Xbox One is released there will be a similar system in place to view your achievements and compare your progress to that of people on your friends list.

Microsoft have also confirmed that you will be able to have 1000 friends. That is a LOT of comparing to look forward to. This may seem rather excessive and I can’t imagine many gamers will have even close to this amount of friends. Having 1000 friends interrupting my game by logging in and out and sending messages and game invites would get very tedious very quickly. It may be of use to streamers on websites such as and Twitch, but other than that I can’t see many users taking full advantage.

Xbox One Achievements Because Xbox One won’t feature backwards compatibility users will never be able to 100% those old 360 games using the new console. For those of us with limited space around the TV, the thought of having to keep both the Xbox One and the 360 around isn’t particularly appealing. Of course there will undoubtedly be the option to download 360 titles using Xbox One Arcade, so hopefully the achievement system will be built in to those games.

Microsoft did announce that Xbox One achievements will cross generations – so it may only be possible to gain a certain achievement in Halo 5 if you did a specific task in Halo 4. This will certainly encourage gamers to replay titles later down the line.

The most exciting announcement made after the reveal event was with regards to achievement ‘challenges’. Essentially, developers will be able to add and alter achievements as they see fit. Potentially, games will be able to adapt and give you new ways to play, therefore increasing the longevity. The days of 100% meaning 100% are over!

Imagine playing Dead Rising 3, and logging in to a daily challenge. “Go and kill 100 zombies with a shoe – 5G”. Methods such as this will keep people playing, and increase a gamers sense of value for money.

Microsoft no longer wants gamers to feel that a shipped game is the completed product. Together with DLC, achievement challenges brings a revolution in gameplay which we haven’t seen before.

Skyrim and the famous ‘Arrow to the knee’ meme was cited by Microsoft as an example. Internet trends will sway how these challenges and new achievements evolve. Skyrim could be modified to have “Find the man who shot the arrow to the knee – 10G” or “Shoot 5 enemies in the knee – 5G”. There really are no boundaries to how these modifications could play out, which is a very exciting new feature for gamers.

Xbox One will also have the ability to record footage at the time you make the achievement. This may not be an interesting feature for some achievements, but for a game like Fifa 14 and “Score a Long Range Goal” or Halo 5 and “Get a Killtacular” the ability to automatically record and then share the footage will be a great social feature.

It’s refreshing that Sony and Microsoft are embracing social gaming and sharing game footage, which is completely the opposite of how Nintendo are handling the situation by claiming revenue from videos such as these.

Encouraging news all round, and developments which will keep the Xbox One achievement hunters out there very pleased as well as very busy.

Article by - Mike Jeavons
Insert Date: 05/25/2013

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