Warning: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Hack is a Prank

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 00:53 -- RLWaterman

Warning: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Hack is a PrankA prank originating on the 4Chan website could stop your Xbox One from working. A message was launched, designed to look from Microsoft, and posted in games forums around the globe explaining that there was a method to make your new console backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. The advice suggested that a combination of button presses, ID details and menu choices would put your console into developer mode, which would therefore allow you to play games from the Xbox One’s predecessor. Unfortunately though, anyone who followed the instructions would instead send their new Xbox into an endless start-up loop for which there is no fix.

Director of programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb, posted a response on Twitter explaining that ‘there is no way to make your Xbox One backwards compatible and performing steps to attempt this could make your console inoperable.’ As yet there is no telling how many gamers have been affected by the hoax, however it seems that some have certainly destroyed their consoles before warnings were distributed about the invalidity of the advice’s claim to make the consoles backwards compatible.

Have you seen the hoax around on any gaming forums? Do you know anyone who gave it a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 12/10/2013

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