Xbox One Dashboard Leak

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 02:01 -- RLWaterman

If you were wondering what the dashboard of the Xbox One will look like you need wonder no more – a YouTube user, Jackson Carter, has released a video showing the next generation console in action. Carter’s video was speedily removed from YouTube, but not before plenty of copies of it had been made and recirculated. Using what seems to be a version of the console distributed to Microsoft employees for play testing, we are shown the controller, the console itself and then the dashboard that unsurprisingly looks very similar to the style adopted by Windows 8.

Not only does the video show how easy it is to maneuver around the dashboard from app to app, but it also demonstrates a demo version of the game Ryse: Son of Rome which looks as stunning as expected. After watching a cut scene in the game for a few moments, Carter minimizes Ryse to the dashboard where it continues playing in what looks to be a seamless transition between different functionality on the console.

Although Carter admits that ‘this is still kind of buggy – it has a lot of bugs in it because it is still the beta,’ the demonstration of the dashboard looks as smooth as promised in early Microsoft boasts. The video creator also comments on the Xbox One controller, explaining that, ‘the triggers stick out really nicely, it’s a lot more comfortable than the old Xbox.’ Although Microsoft may be disappointed at their software being leaked before they’ve had a chance to show it off themselves, many gamers will have their minds set at ease after hearing a likely gamer enjoying the experience of the next gen console before its launch.

Xbox One DashboardWhat do you think of the look of the new dashboard? Are you happy with the Windows 8 feel to the console? Leave your comments below.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 09/12/2013

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