Xbox One at Gamescom 2013

Wed, 08/21/2013 - 02:18 -- RLWaterman

Anyone initially concerned about the Xbox One being less of a gaming machine and more of an all-round entertainment bundle should have had their minds set firmly at ease following Microsoft’s Xbox One showcase at Gamescom 2013. The presentation really focused on the gaming side of things, highlighting those titles that would be available with the launch of the console and again insisting how easy things will be for independent games publishers wanting to launch on this particular platform.

One thing notably absent from Microsoft’s announcement was a launch date for the console. We were expecting this to be the perfect moment for the official reveal, particularly as Sony has now announced that the PlayStation 4 will be available on the 15th of November in the US and on the 29th in Europe. Will Microsoft now pull out all the stops to beat Sony to the shelves? We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime we can certainly enjoy the thought of the excellent list of titles that will be available to the Xbox One immediately:

Additional titles will find their way onto the next generation console over the course of the first year of its life, but it’s a good initial base to grant something to every kind of gamer. Fans of the FIFA franchise in particular will have a lot to look forward to, as FIFA 14 will come with content that is unique to the Xbox One, and more than that, those who preorder the console will receive FIFA 14 bundled free with it!

Even if none of the games above catch your attention, the new Independent Developers @ Xbox, or ID @ Xbox, program could keep you interested in the Xbox One. This program is designed to really attract indie developers to the console with what is effectively a self-publishing system. Developers registered on the program will be given two free Xbox One development kids and access to Xbox Live technologies such as SmartGlass, achievement scores and more. This push to make the Xbox One accessible to small developers could lead to some excellent titles that have previously been restricted to PC or PlayStation gamers.

What do you think of Microsoft’s gaming push? Is it enough to entice you to buy?

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 08/21/2013

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Not for nothing but getting FIFA 14 bundled at no additional cost with the Xbox One may "sound great", but lets do the math here guys.....if you get it wit X1 your still paying $500 & if you get the PS4 & FIFA 14 bundle your paying way less. So in all honesty that's not even a good bribe on MS's party to get the Europe market. If their smart and if FIFA is there game, they'll still get a PS4. Plus with more PS4's sold then X1's, PS4 will have more players online to compete with, which again would make FIFA 14 more desirable on the PS4. As for indie developers, their is still better interest from those devs to go to the PS4 rather than to the X1. Sony is offering way better benefits to help those devs that MS hasn't even come close to matching up with. Gamescom was just another awful loss in MS's book once again this year.

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