Xbox 360 Headset Adaptor Confirmed

Fri, 08/02/2013 - 00:52 -- RLWaterman

Although it’s true that the new Kinect is all set up to use for voice chat on the Xbox One, there is still undoubtedly a need for a headset now and then. That’s why gamers were so disappointed when Microsoft admitted they weren’t planning to bundle a headset with the console, despite the $499 price tag and the knowledge that old Xbox 360 headsets wouldn’t be compatible with the newly redesigned controllers. Fortunately one of Xbox One’s lead planners, Albert Penello, has finally confirmed that an official adaptor will be available to allow 360 headsets to work with the One. In response to the question “Any news on an adaptor for current hi-end gaming headsets to work on Xbox One?” on Twitter, he replied, “Yes. We will have an adaptor that allows current gaming headsets to work.” He later explained that the adaptor would not be bundled with the Xbox One console, but would be an accessory purchased separately.

We’re not sure as yet just how much the adaptor will cost, but Microsoft has released the prices of a few of the peripherals that have now appeared within the Microsoft store and on Amazon. The items listed include:

There has been no announcement of a wired controller that will work with the Xbox One as yet, something that could worry those gamers that prefer gaming without battery packs. In general though the prices for the peripherals released so far aren’t too extortionate when you compare them to the launch prices of similar items for the Xbox 360. If Microsoft does stand by its initial decision not to include a headset bundled with the console itself then we can certainly expect to see retailers around the globe creating their own bundles that will hopefully offer the accessory at a reduced rate.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 08/01/2013

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