Microsoft Stock Falls after Mixed Reaction to the Xbox One

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 08:47 -- RLWaterman

The long awaited announcement of the Xbox One from Microsoft might have shown us more of an insight into what the console has to offer than at Sony’s PlayStation 4 event, but it still wasn’t really enough to satisfy fans and potential purchasers. Twitter and Facebook exploded with comments during and after the event with many concerns raised from dubious gamers.

The most frequent criticism of the event was the real emphasis on the television aspect of the new console. Videos shot quickly up onto YouTube mocking the real lack of much talk at all about playing games on this new games console. An all round entertainment machine will certainly appeal to some, but even some diehard Xbox 360 fans are starting to take a second look at the PlayStation 4. The question on everyone’s lips (or fingertips) – can Microsoft still pull out all the stops to create an amazing gaming machine when their focus is split into so many other areas of entertainment?

Supporters of the Xbox suggest that the specifications will be more than capable of playing all of the best titles, but a few additional concerns have reared their heads:

Xbox One Announcement• Talk of ‘one game, one user’ has the gaming community scared. This could mean that you’re charged a fee as much as the game itself cost if borrowing a title from a friend.
• Although the rumor that you’d have to be constantly connected to the internet to do or play anything on the Xbox One isn’t correct, this console will still need a connection once every day, something that could be a problem for gamers with erratic internet connections.
• With the Kinect microphone always on and always listening there is that slight feeling that the Xbox One could be listening to conversations that you don’t want anyone to hear.
• As expected, the Xbox One will be unable to play old Xbox 360 titles, meaning you'll need to keep both consoles if you ever fancy replaying the classics.

With these concerns circulating the globe it’s not surprising that we saw a fall in Microsoft’s stock value come the end of the day of the announcement.

Having said that, the drop in share price was just 0.66% at the close of the stock market so it’s not as bad as we’ve seen in the case of other technological announcements in recent years. The reactions for the Xbox One are well and truly mixed at the moment, with some spouting the worries we’ve mentioned and others simply in awe of the accuracy of voice commands, the responsiveness of the technology and the graphics displayed in game teasers.

It’s clear that we’ll have to wait until E3 and a bit more information about the next generation consoles before we really know what we’ll be getting our hands on.

Update by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 05/24/2013

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