No Headset With Xbox One

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 07:29 -- RLWaterman

Microsoft has once again managed to aggravate the online gaming community with its latest announcement that the Xbox One will not ship with a headset as the Xbox 360 did, despite spokespeople from the company stating that the standard Microsoft Xbox One headset is a must-have. The console may come complete with a hefty $500 price tag but you’ll still need to hand over some extra cash in order to pick up the headset, unless there is an as yet unannounced bundle to include it on the table.

The reason behind Microsoft’s decision to remove this piece of kit from the console is linked to its confidence in the newest Kinect technology which it states provides the console with out-of-the-box chat capabilities. We don’t doubt that the microphone within the Kinect 2.0 is much improved, but this could still be a problem if you’re not always gaming in an environment that is quiet aside from your own voice. Not to mention the fact that if you’re living in a house with other people they might not appreciate you playing your games at full volume in the early hours of the morning. Given Sony’s decision to capitalize on all of Microsoft’s issues in the battle for the next generation console top spot, it’s not too surprising to note that every PlayStation 4 will ship with a headset, albeit a simple one.

No Headset With Xbox OneAll is not lost if you’re bankrupting yourself just to afford the console though, as it seems there will be an adaptor released to allow you to plug your Xbox 360 headsets into the Xbox One interface. There will still be a cost for this but it may be less than replacing your headset altogether.

This latest dampener on the Xbox One may not be too much of a problem for gamers that tend not to voice chat, but with this console trailing behind the PS4 in terms of pre-orders, even after a big upsurge after backing down on DRM, it could be another factor that decides some still sitting on the fence.

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Insert Date: 06/27/2013

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I find this whole media disccussion about this Topic kind of hilarous.
Ist as if purchasing a free speech System for your car and then complaining that they do not implemente a cheap Headset along with it which is basically not needed and with the low Price category it would have, ,most likely to be a stupid alternative. Most People willing to spend for the first console version like 500 bucks are having an issue using their already in use and high prized Headset would have Trouble to spend a few bucks extra to get a new Headset if they really wanted?

Looks to me like the media is running out of steam to talk about...

I believe the main point being pushed across is that MS bascislly said "here you have to have the kinect and since you do, you won't need a headset". However, the obvious stupidity behind it all is WHAT HAPPENED TO PRIVCY?! Yes, I understand the X1 needs the kinect to function due to how they built the console, but a great deal of common sense wasn't brought to light before doing so. Many people don't buy these kinect and ps moves, headsets are more private and more portable and if their is voice recognition, then why not add that function to operate with the choice of a headset or kinect? People shouldnt be forced to have to buy what they don't want and should always have an option to choose and purchase what they do. I'm sure the price on the X1 would have been lower if the kinect was optional.

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