Microsoft Edges Sony Out in ABI’s Console Competitive Assessment

Fri, 10/25/2013 - 03:25 -- RLWaterman

Microsoft Edges Sony Out in ABI’s Console Competitive AssessmentThe endless debate as to which of the next generation games consoles is the best is unlikely to reach a definitive conclusion any time soon. Some choose their preferred console based on brand loyalty, others based on the best specification, and still others based on the games that they want to play. According to the technology market intelligence company ABI Research though, Microsoft has just beaten Sony to the top spot in their game console competitive assessment.

This technology research company has drawn its conclusions based on the expectations surrounding the impact of the next generation game consoles. With an in depth study looking at game consoles, smart TV set-top boxes and TVs and Blu-ray players, companies within this marketplace were scored based on their innovation and implementation. The running for the top spot was close, and it’s likely that Sony’s PlayStation 4 didn’t make the cut due to some of its untested functionality such as the cloud processing that Microsoft has already integrated. That and the fact that the Xbox One includes a broad range of other innovative ideas that work to create a complete entertainment package in areas other than gaming.

The result wasn’t great for poor Nintendo who scored third place, but with a significant gap between the Wii U and the two frontrunners. With more and more consoles coming to the market from different developers, such as Valve’s Steam Machine, it’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo can keep hold of their third place in the future.

Which of the next generation consoles do you rate as the most innovative? Is that innovation always a good thing if it detracts from the fundamental function of a games console, to play games? Have your say in the comments.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 10/25/2013

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I don't mind if gaming consoles include more and more innovations, just as long as it doesn't run to far away from the real reason we buy consoles in the first place...for the GAMES! If the innovation adds more in-depth gameplay to the gaming experience then I'm all for it, but it has to work well and not just be something added that doesn't compliment the overall gameplay.

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