Xbox One UK Release Date Leaked?

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 01:25 -- RLWaterman

Both Microsoft and Sony have kept quiet when it comes to an exact release date for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but this week a leak from UK retailer Toys’R’Us suggested that the consoles could launch within two weeks of one another, with the Xbox One first on November the 29th, followed by the PlayStation 4 on December the 13th. The retailer had listed the release dates on its website, and when questioned on whether they were simply guesses as to when we could pick up the new consoles a spokesperson replied:

“I can confirm this information has been given direct from our suppliers and is accurate.”

Microsoft was quick to release a statement of its own explaining that:

"We have announced that Xbox One will launch this November, but have not shared any further details. It’s common practice for retailers to use placeholder dates for pre-order items without an official launch date. Please stay tuned to, where we share the latest official details about all things Xbox One."

So are these dates genuine? Were they just a guess from the retailer? Or are they the real deal and now Microsoft is doing its best to discredit the information? The retailer Toys’R’Us also issued a follow up statement that insists:

Xbox One UK Release Date Leaked?"The release dates are not provided by either Microsoft or Sony, but are an estimated date and are required by our system to allow us to take pre-orders. Once the correct launch dates are officially provided we will update our web site and contact any customers who have ordered."

An interesting change of tune. What do you think? Were the dates provided genuine and the retailer forced to backpedal by Microsoft and Sony? Only time, and hopefully an announcement at the upcoming Gamescom will tell.

One thing that is interesting with regard to this potential leak is that the retailer has either been told, or has predicted that the Xbox One will be released before the PlayStation 4, albeit by only two weeks. Releasing its console first could certainly score Microsoft some extra sales, and as very early predictions suggested that it was more likely that the PlayStation would beat it to the shelves this could be an interesting development for the Xbox One.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 08/07/2013

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